Nov. 18: Annual Tea and Bake Sale

Annual Fall Tea! Our one Stall is evolving from just a Bake Stall into a PANTRY STALL! In addition to baked goods, we hope to offer jams, jellies, preserves, Christmas puddings, etc. There is also a possibility that some single/two portion “meals to go” may be available, eg. chili, mac & cheese, soups, etc. An added feature will be a COOKBOOK SALE! So many of us have more cookbooks than we need, while others might like to have new or different ones, this is an opportunity to dispose/add to your collection! Just bring in any cookbooks you no longer use and we’ll make them available at the Sale at a reasonable price. The date is Saturday, November 18th, so get your tickets now ($7 each) from any W. A. member or at the Church Office.

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