May 12: Theme Tea

Theme Tea:  Tickets are now available for this year’s Theme Tea – Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 2 P. M .  it’s a Nautical theme this year!  Remember, there are only 120 tickets available and they cannot be purchased at the door; get them early so you won’t be disappointed.  Tickets, at $10 each, are available at the Church Office or any W. A. member.  Join us for a lovely Nau-TEA-cal afternoon of good food, fun and fellowship!

An added attraction at our Theme Tea is the very popular Surprise Bags!  For $2, you purchase a paper bag which contains “who knows what” – a surprise!  The only guarantee we make is that it is worth more than the $2 you pay for it.  If you would like to contribute items for the bags, please feel free to bring them to the Church and place them in the container in the front porch.  We will be happy to put them in bags and add them to our stock.  Your support is greatly appreciated.