Board of Managers

The role and purpose of the Board of Managers is to facilitate the functional operation of the church. Regular meetings are held monthly, with extra meetings convened as required.


There are five committees, which monitor church business and needs as follows:

  • Personnel – all matters pertaining to employees (church administrator, caretaker, summer student)
  • Administration – regulatory and procedural guidelines
  • Property – buildings, property and maintenance
  • Technology- various aspects involving software/hardware updates and sound system.
  • Finance – Yearly budget, all financial records

The Board usually consists of 15 managers. The minister is an ex-officio member of the Board. Members are elected to the Board for a three-year term at the Annual Meeting of the congregation, from within the members and adherents of the congregation. Positions within the Board, namely Secretary, Treasurer, Chair and Vice Chair are filled by election at the first meeting following the Annual Meeting.

Duties of the managers include processing of offerings (periodically, by roster), and participation in the monthly meeting of the Board. Each manager is also a member of a committee and has responsibilities with respect to that role.