Our Values

Worship life – We are a liturgical church that values uplifting music, a clear interpretation of the word of God, and applicability to the everyday life of the congregation.

Christian education – We have Church School during the worship service for children. The teachers are very talented, enthusiastic and committed to sharing and learning about our faith.  We also have Bible Studies with changing topics for adults on Sunday morning and/or throughout the week.

Pastoral care – The Minister provides care through visits to the sick and shut-ins, in hospital and at home, and through comfort to families in time of trouble, anxiety or bereavement. The congregation welcomes routine home visits by the Minister. The elders and members of the Atlantic Mission Society (AMS) are also active in visiting.

Stewardship – The Board of Managers is primarily responsible for the fiscal resources and building upkeep necessary for maintaining the church, it’s ministries and programs.  We have been blest with responsible, careful, and engaged individuals on this committee that has resulted in good management.

Mission – We support missions locally, nationally and internationally with our prayers, money, time, and people.  We are always interested in learning more and sharing more.