Sunday School

Sunday School children start their classes each Sunday at 11:15 a.m., following a brief children’s time delivered by the minister in the Sanctuary. The classes finish at 12:00 noon. The children will remain in the classroom until their parents pick them up there. Most children join their parents for refreshments in the church hall before heading home.

The Sunday School participates in several special events throughout the year. The Christmas Pageant is usually an exciting mix of music and drama, and is certainly a highlight of the advent season. Also at Christmas time, the children of the church participate in Operation Christmas Child and White Gift Sunday.

Presentation Sunday, the Sunday that marks the end of the Sunday School year in June, is a time when the children of the Sunday School participate in the regular Sunday service, sharing their talents with the congregation. The annual family picnic is usually held on a Sunday soon after Presentation Sunday. It is held in conjunction with the congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. This event heralds the arrival of summer and the end of another Sunday School year. During the summer we have a ‘one room’ Sunday School. Normal Sunday School begins again in mid-September.

Please remember to:

  1. register your children
  2. pick up your children from the Sunday School classroom after worship
  3. enjoy your time together as part of the family of God.