Apr. 8: E-transfers

St. David’s has now enabled an auto-deposit e-transfer. This Gmail account is used SOLELY for sending e-transfers. With auto-deposit, no emails or passwords are required. Depending on the bank, a 40 – 160 character message area is provided, so you can say how you wish to have the money allocated: Operating, Presbyterian Sharing, or any other fund or outreach program. St. David’s will issue receipts at the end of the year for any money received.

Mar. 19: Announcement re: COVID-19

It likely comes as no surprise to you to hear that Session has decided
to cancel worship services at St. David’s until further notice. In the past
few short weeks, the whole world has changed as COVID-19 has become the
only item on any news channel. Although confirmed cases are still low, it
is important to realize that this disease has a long incubation period
before people begin to seem sick, which means the number of cases being
reported today actually reflects how many people caught the virus two or
three weeks ago; we will not see the effects of the social distancing steps
we take now until a few weeks from now. Please obey all of the instructions
of medical professionals. None of this is an overreaction.
But on top of the direct medical concerns, this is having profound
impacts on other areas of our society. The stock market is in an
unprecedented shambles, closed businesses mean many in our community will
be missing much-needed paychecks, schools are closed indefinitely, and
parents are struggling to work from home while also caring for their
stressed and bored children.
In the days ahead, we will be working to bring you spiritual
nourishment in ways that will only be contagious with the Good News, such
as video sermons and live streaming. Please keep your church in your
prayers, and if you would like reassurance or a prayer, please do not
hesitate even for a moment to give me a call.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. David

Mar 15: Church Service cancelled

Service today is cancelled, due to the discovery of a case of Coronavirus here in Newfoundland, and our duty to protect the most vulnerable among us. Please take some time to pray for our elderly and for those among us who work in health care, as this will not be an easy time for them. Wash your hands frequently, and if you are getting tired of singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself to help you wash long enough, consider saying the Lord’s Prayer instead!