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02 October 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
25 September 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
18 September 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
11 September 2022Not availableNot availablebulletin
04 September 2022Not availableNot availablebulletin
28 August 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
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31 July 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
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17 July 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
10 July 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
03 July 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
26 June 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
19 June 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
12 June 2022 (Church Picnic)Video Servicebulletin | Order of Service
05 June 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
29 May 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
22 May 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
15 May 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin | Order of Service
08 May 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
01 May 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 April 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
17 April 2022 (Easter Sunday)Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
15 April 2022 (Good Friday)Video ServiceVideo Service
14 April 2022 (Maundy Thursday)Video ServiceVideo Service
10 April 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
03 April 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
27 March 2022Video ServiceNot availablebulletin
20 March 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
13 March 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
06 March 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
27 February 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
20 February 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
13 February 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
06 February 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
30 January 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
23 January 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
16 January 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
09 January 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
02 January 2022Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
26 December 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 December 2021Video ServiceVideo Service
19 December 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
12 December 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
05 December 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
28 November 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
21 November 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
14 November 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
07 November 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
31 October 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 October 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
17 October 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
10 October 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
03 October 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
26 September 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
19 September 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
12 September 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
05 September 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
29 August 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
22 August 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
15 August 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
08 August 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
01 August 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
25 July 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
18 July 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
11 July 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
04 July 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
27 June 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
20 June 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
13 June 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
06 June 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
30 May 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
23 May 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
16 May 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
09 May 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
02 May 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
25 April 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
18 April 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
11 April 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
04 April 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
28 March 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
21 March 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
14 March 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
07 March 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
28 February 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
21 February 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
14 February 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
07 February 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
31 January 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 January 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
17 January 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
10 January 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
03 January 2021Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
27 December 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 December 2020Video ServiceNot availablebulletin
20 December 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
13 December 2020Video ServiceVideo Service
Technical Error Re-Record
06 December 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
29 November 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
22 November 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
15 November 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
08 November 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
01 November 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
25 October 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
18 October 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
11 October 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
04 October 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
27 September 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
20 September 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
13 September 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
06 September 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
30 August 2020Guest Video ServiceGuest Video Servicebulletin
23 August 2020Guest Video ServiceGuest Video Servicebulletin
16 August 2020Guest Video ServiceGuest Video Servicebulletin
09 August 2020Guest Video ServiceGuest Video Servicebulletin
02 August 2020Guest Video ServiceGuest Video Servicebulletin
26 July 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
19 July 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
12 July 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
05 July 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
28 June 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
21 June 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
14 June 2020Video ServiceChildren's Message
Sunday Message
07 June 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
31 May 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
24 May 2020Video ServiceChildren's Message
Sunday Message
17 May 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
10 May 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
03 May 2020Video ServiceVideo Servicebulletin
26 Apr 2020Video ServiceVideo ServiceSee video service
19 Apr 2020Video ServiceVideo ServiceSee video service
12 Apr 2020Video ServiceVideo ServiceSee video service
10 Apr 2020See meditationSee meditationMeditation
05 Apr 2020Video ServiceVideo ServiceSee video service
29 Mar 2020Video ServicePart 1:
Video Service
Part 2:
Video Service
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22 Mar 2020Video ServiceVideo ServiceSee video service
08 Mar 2020Church services cancelledChurch services cancelled Church services cancelled
01 Mar 2020"Compromise"bulletin
23 Feb 2020"Three men on a hill"listenbulletin
16 Feb 2020"Complacent"listenbulletin
09 Feb 2020"Let your light shine"Audio not availablebulletin
02 Feb 2020"Pursuit"listenbulletin
26 Jan 2020"Arise Let Us Go!"listenbulletin
19 Jan 2020"Testify!"Service cancelled due to snowstormbulletin
12 Jan 2020"Humility"listenbulletin
05 Jan 2020"Obsolete"listenbulletin
29 Dec 2019"The Holy Ordinary"listenbulletin
22 Dec 2019"Love"listenbulletin
15 Dec 2019"Christmas Pageant"listenbulletin
08 Dec 2019"Schooled in war"listenbulletin
01 Dec 2019"Unpredictable"listenbulletin
24 Nov 2019"I believe in God"listenbulletin
17 Nov 2019"Upside down living"listenbulletin
10 Nov 2019"Something Completely Different"listenbulletin
03 Nov 2019"Is this real life?"listenbulletin
27 Oct 2019"Taking off our masks"listenbulletin
20 Oct 2019"Grumbling for Justice"listenbulletin
13 Oct 2019"The benefit of Thanksgiving"bulletin
06 Oct 2019"The Rights of a Slave"listenbulletin
29 Sep 2019"Where is your treasure?"listenbulletin
22 Sep 2019"What is the goal?"listenbulletin
15 Sep 2019"Why would a little lamb wander?"listenbulletin
08 Sep 2019"Foresight and Faith"listenbulletin
01 Sep 2019"Spoiled"listenbulletin
28 Jul 2019"Shameless"listenbulletin
21 Jul 2019"True Service"listenbulletin
14 Jul 2019"God loves the Downcast"listenbulletin
07 Jul 2019"Two-Way Ministry"listenbulletin
30 Jun 2019"Lonely service"listenbulletin
23 Jun 2019Church Picnicbulletin
16 Jun 2019"Father, Brother, Helper"listenbulletin
09 Jun 2019"A Spirit not of this world"listenbulletin
02 Jun 2019"I have made your name known"listenbulletin
26 May 2019"Abundance"listenbulletin
19 May 2019"Coming Down from Heaven"listenbulletin
12 May 2019"All"listenbulletin
6 Jan 2019"Ernst Rollmann"listenbulletin
21 Jan 2018listen
14 Jan 2018listen
7 Jan 2018listen
August 2017August services held at St. Andrew's.
July 30 2017Meditationslistenbulletin
July 23 2017"Why we shouldn't use Roundup"listenbulletin
July 16 2017"The Sower and the Seeds"listenbulletin
July 9 2017"The speed of light"listenbulletin
July 2 2017"Dominion"listenbulletin
June 25 2017"Priceless"listenbulletin
June 18 2017"Eat, drink and be merry"(joint picnic at Rotary Park; no recording)bulletin
June 11 2017"Creator God, creating still"listenbulletin
June 4 2017"A Spirit for all"listenbulletin
May 28 2017"Legacy"listenbulletin
May 21 2017"Following Commandments"listenbulletin
May 14 2017"Little Stones"listenbulletin
May 7 2017"Shepherds, Sheep, and Thieves"listenbulletin
April 30 2017"That you may believe"listenbulletin
April 23 2017"Disciples of Christ"listenbulletin
April 16 2017"Victory"listenbulletin
April 14 2017"At the foot of the cross"listenbulletin
April 13 2017"His hand is on the table"No recordingbulletin
April 9 2017"Make Jerusalem Great Again"listenbulletin
April 2 2017"The Breath of Life"listenbulletin
March 26 2017Morning service held at St. Andrew's.

Induction service sermon titled "When you called my name".

listen (evening induction service)

bulletin (evening induction service)
March 19 2017"How to Lose a gift"listenbulletin
March 12 2017"How can these things be?"listenbulletin

March 5 2017"Temptation"listenbulletin

February 26 2017"Does God perform miracles today?"listen (partial recording; technical difficulties)bulletin
February 23 2017A Service Celebrating the Life of Angus Bruneaulistenprogram
February 19 2017"Growing in maturity in our faith"listenbulletin

February 12 2017"Dear friends, let us love one another"listenbulletin
February 5 2017"Paul and the Church at Corinth"listen (edited)bulletin
January 29 2017King David's Amazing Lifelistenbulletin
January 22 2017"Light in the darkness"listenbulletin
January 15 2017"The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world"listenbulletin
January 8 2017"The Conversion of Cornelius the Soldier"listenbulletin
January 1 2017"The Wonder and Beauty of the Christmas Story"listenbulletin
December 25 2016listenbulletin
December 24 2016O Christmas Treelistenbulletin
December 18 2016"The Jesus nut"listenbulletin
December 11 2016Who is the Messiah?listenbulletin
December 4 2016How does your garden grow?listenbulletin
November 27 2016Advent Lovelistenbulletin
November 20 2016"BAGS OF GOLD"listenbulletin
November 13 2016The Word of Godlistenbulletin
November 6 2016Stand up!listenbulletin
October 30 2016"The Transformation of the Human Heart"listenbulletin
October 24 2016Celebration of Life Service for Emir Andrewslistenprogram
October 23 2016Wet Pantslistenbulletin
October 16 2016Genesis 32listenbulletin
October 9 2016Remembering to say 'Thanks'listenbulletin
October 2 2016"The Beauty of Hope"listenbulletin
September 25 2016"Whom Shall I Serve?"listenbulletin
September 18 2016"Wonder"listenbulletin
September 11 2016"Acting in Ignorance"listenbulletin
September 4 2016"Discipline"listenbulletin
August 28 2016"Zucchini Happens"listenbulletin
August 21 2016"Individuals Must Come First!"listenbulletin
August 15 2016Elisabeth Berghuis's Funerallistenprogram
August 14 2016"The Olympic Games and the Spiritual Life"listenbulletin
August 10 2016Millie Hammond's Funerallistenprogram
August 7 2016"Confident Wandering"listenbulletin
July 2016July services held at St. Andrew's.
June 26 2016"What difference can one person make"listenbulletin
June 19 2016"A Picnic's Power"(picnic; no recording)bulletin
June 12 2016"Talking and Listening"listen (partial recording; technical difficulties)bulletin
June 5 2016listenbulletin
May 29 2016"The Eternal Perspective"listenbulletin
May 22 2016"Our Weakness, His Strength"listenbulletin
May 15 2016"Taught, Guided, and Empowered by the Holy Spirit"listenbulletin
May 8 2016"The Ascension: The Promise and The Task"listenbulletin
May 1 2016"Reaching Out Together In Love"listenbulletin
April 24 2016"How much salt do you need?"listenbulletin
April 17 2016"Does God Speak"listenbulletin
April 10 2016"The Complex Simplicity of the Gospel"listenbulletin
April 03 2016"We are the Church -- We're Changing"listenbulletin
March 27 2016"The Solid Basis for the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord"listenbulletin
March 25 2016"Such Loss! Such Gain!"listenbulletin
March 20 2016"Moments Together and Mixed Feelings"listenbulletin
March 13 2016"The Gain in Losses"listen
March 6 2016"Ambassadors for Christ"listenbulletin
February 28 2016"Testing 1, 2, 3 ..."listenbulletin
February 21 2016"Following Jesus"listen
February 14 2016"And the story continues ..."listen
February 07 2016"Finding God in unexpected places"listenbulletin
January 31 2016"Speaking the truth in love"listenbulletin
January 24 2016"The Purpose of Pain and Sorrow"listenbulletin
January 17 2016"Water into Wine: Spiritual Gifts"listenbulletin
January 10 2016"Initiation Rites"listenbulletin
January 03 2016"Walking in the Light 2016"listenbulletin
December 27 2015"What's New about it?"listenbulletin
December 24 2015Christmas Eve Service (11:30 pm)listenbulletin
December 20 2015"All I Want for Christmas is You"listenbulletin
December 13 2015Christmas Pageant: "How do we respond to God's surprises?"listenbulletin
December 06 2015"How to obtain the priceless gift of serenity"listenbulletin
November 29 2015"How to look forward to the future"listenbulletin
November 22 2015"How the King fights"listenbulletin
November 15 2015"Desperate Times ... Desperate Measures"listenbulletin
November 8 2015"Smaller & Larger Memories"listenbulletin
November 01 2015"So Heavenly Minded ..."listenbulletin
October 25 2015"Talk to your Doctor about it"listenbulletin
October 18 2015"Obedience Training"listenbulletin
October 11 2015"Types of Thanksgiving"listenbulletin
October 4, 2015"Boundaries are for your protection"listenbulletin
September 27, 2015"Keeping What You Give Away"listenbulletin
September 20, 2015listenbulletin
September 13, 2015"(Not) Ashamed of the Truth"listenbulletin
September 06, 2015"Spiritual Integration or Disintegration"listenbulletin
August 30, 2015"Inside-out Christianity"listenbulletin
August 23, 2015listenbulletin
August 16, 2015"Made for Love"listenbulletin
August 09, 2015"Pray Like Elijah?"listenbulletin
August 02, 2015"Fresh Bread"listenbulletin
July 26, 2015“Crisis, Need, …More”listenbulletin
July 19, 2015"Finding Home"listenbulletin
July 12, 2015"Dancing and Facing the Future"listen
July 05, 2015"Heaven, Thorns and Weaknesses"listenbulletin
June 28, 2015"Receiving the Healing Touch of God"listenbulletin
June 21, 2015Church Picnicbulletin
June 14, 2015"Let the Mustard Seed Speak"listenbulletin
June 07, 2015"The Emotion that Spoils the Party"listenbulletin
May 31, 2015"Born Again"listenbulletin
May 24, 2015listenbulletin
May 17, 2015"Finding Unity and Agreement"listenbulletin
May 10, 2015"Presbyterian Sharing Together"listenbulletin
May 3, 2015"Perfect Love casts Out Fear"listenbulletin
April 26 2015“By what name? By what power?”listenbulletin
April 19, 2015“Keeping an Open Mind”bulletin
April 12, 2015"The Shepherds Among Us"listenbulletin
April 6-10, 2015VOWR meditations Apr6-10
April 5, 2015"Post-Traumatic Reality"listenbulletin
April 3, 2015"The Pain of Our Lord and Our Own"listenbulletin
April 2, 2015"Choices. Division. Love."listenbulletin
March 30, 2015ChristianFlagRaising Ceremony Mar15[1]
March 29, 2015"The Excruciating Royal Road"listenbulletin
March 22, 2015"Cosmic Forces, Personal Choices"listenbulletin
March 18, 2015Lenten Series Dr. Dent
March 15, 2015“Poison Information Centre”listenbulletin
March 08, 2015The controversial side of Jesus"listenbulletin
March 01, 2015“Getting Your Name Changed” listenbulletin
February 22, 2015“A Season of Forty Days”listenbulletin
February 15, 2015"The Gift of Pain"listenbulletin
February 8, 2015"When we walk with the Lord"listenbulletin
February 1, 2015“Head, Heart and Spirit”listenbulletin
January 25, 2015"Reluctant Prophets & Eager Followers"listenbulletin
January 18, 2015"The Art of Listening"listen
January 11, 2015"Do not despise small beginnings"listen
January 4, 2015"Murphy's Law -- and Other unofficial Rules of Life"listen
December 29, 2014"Memorial Service for Dr Andy den Otter"listenbulletin
December 28, 2014"Time Travel"listen
December 21, 2014"A Complicated Journey"listen
December 14, 2014Christmas Pageantlisten
December 7, 2014"Taking on Tremendous Turmoil"listen
November 30, 2014"Piled High with Discouragements"listen
November 23, 2014"Do You Know Him?"listen
November 16, 2014"What are you afraid of?"listen
November 9, 2014"The Present Moment of Remembering"listen
November 2, 2014"What qualifies you to lead"listen
October 12, 2014"Sacramental Thanksgiving"listen
October 5, 2014"The Ultimate Comfort Food"listen
September 28, 2014"Authority and Qualification"listen
September 21, 2014"It's Time for new Clothes"listen
September 14, 2014"How to walk together... (part 2)"listen
August 24, 2014"What...Who me?"listen
August 17, 2014listen
July 27, 2014listen
June 29, 2014"The Sacred Side of Singing"listen
June 22, 2014"Family Conflict"listen
June 15, 2014"God as Father"listen
June 1, 2014"Jesus Ascends in Us"listen
May 25, 2014"What does 'spiritual' mean?"listen
May 11, 2014"What a Safe Community Looks Like"listen
May 4, 2014"Showing Himself to You"listen
April 27, 2014listen
April 20, 2014"Death no longer has the Final Say"listen
April 13, 2014"The King on death Row"listen
April 6, 2014"The Ultimate Healing"listen
March 30, 2014"Non-Invasive Diagnostics"listen
March 23, 2014"Thirsty and Cranky"listen
March 16, 2014"Transformers"listen
March 09, 2014"What is Lent?"listen
February 23, 2014"David's Victory"listen
February 16, 2014"Thriving or Surviving"listen
February 9, 2014"Foolishness (part 2)"listen
February 2, 2014"Choosing Foolishness Today"listen
January 26, 2014"The Courage to Agree"listen
January 19, 2014"Come and See"listen
December 29, 2013"The Eighth Day of Christmas"listen
December 1, 2013Finding New Poehlisten
November 24, 2013"The Power of a Royal Relationship"listen
November 10, 2013"Remember Home"listen
November 3, 2013"Time Travel"listen
October 27, 2013"Looking for Courage, Finding Humility"listen
October 6, 2013CY'12 "On Fire"listen (partial recording; technical difficulties)
September 29, 2013"It's All About Boundaries"listen
September 22, 2013"Uncommon Sense"listen
September 8, 2013"Art, Construction, war, and other plans."listen
September 1, 2013"What can you do about stubborn pride?"listen
August 18, 2013"Running the Faith - Race"listen
August 4, 2013"How do you know you are wealthy"listen
July 28, 2013"Lord, teach us to pray"listen
July 21, 2013"The Best Promise of All"listen
July 14, 2013"How Music Impacts Us Spiritually"listen
July 7, 2013"Encountering the Holy One"listen
June 30, 2013"Following the homeless Jesus Home"listen
June 16, 2013"Consequences..."listen
June 2, 2013"what does outstanding faith look like"listen
May 26, 2013"Why is God Triune?"listen
May 12, 2013Hope Ascendinglisten
May 5, 2013listen
April 28, 2013Homelisten
April 14, 2013"Second Chances"listen
April 7, 2013Combatting Doubtlisten
March 31, 2013Jesus Meets Us at our Lowest Pointlisten
March 17, 2013Gains and Losses (Investment strategies Part 2)listen
March 10, 2013Richly Providing and Reconcilinglisten
March 3, 2013"Investment Strategies"listen
February 24, 2013"Why Sacrifice?"listen
February 17, 2013"The Empty Desert Place"listen
January 13, 2013Storm watch and Aftermathlisten
January 6, 2013"prostrate before Jesus"listen
December 30, 2012"2013: I make all things new"listen
December 24, 2012listen
December 23, 2012"Ovel down at Christmas"listen (partial recording; technical difficulties)
December 16, 2012Christmas Pageantlisten
December 09, 2012DoingthelaundryApceelisten
December 02, 2012"OPE"listen
November 25, 2012A Royal Invitationlisten
November 18, 2012"God hears me"listen
November 11, 2012Why and What Do We Rememberlisten (partial recording; technical difficulties)
November 4, 2012"Bullseye"listen
October 28, 2012Reformed and Reforminglisten
October 21, 2012Sageslisten
October 14, 2012Prerequisites to Relationship with Godlisten
October 7, 2012The Thanksgiving Tablelisten
September 30, 2012What 'Sharing' Looks Likelisten
September 23, 2012God's Surprising Ideas about Promotion and Successlisten (partial recording; technical difficulties)
September 16, 2012The Scandalous Messagelisten
September 9, 2012Helping and Healing Ministrylisten
September 2, 2012Quick, Slow, Angry and Own a Mirrorlisten
August 26, 2012Andy Den Otterlisten
August 19, 2012Decisions, Decisions -- Sheena Finlaylisten
August 12, 2012Dreams, Hopes, Losses, Grieving...listen
August 05, 2012Lessons from the Baker and the Neighbourlisten
July 29, 2012Responding to Hungerlisten
July 22, 2012Real Estate Investmentslisten
July 15, 2012Dancing Lessons
July 8, 2012How Does Music Become Sacred?
July 1, 2012National Eulogieslisten
June 24, 2012Facing Our Fearslisten
June 10, 2012Blame & Entitlement Vs. Personal Responsibility & Gracelisten
June 3, 2012Presentation Sundaylisten
May 27, 2012Rev. Dawn Griffithslisten
May 20, 2012The New Powerlisten
May 13, 2012The Power of Friendshiplisten
May 6, 2012What God Looks Likelisten
April 29, 2012"Show your love"listen
April 22, 2012Not a Ghost Storylisten
April 15, 2012Upside down Communitylisten
April 8, 2012The King shows his victory over deathlisten
April 1, 2012Upside Down Powerlisten
March 25, 2012"Loving and Hating"listen
March 19, 2012VOWR Meditation
March 18, 2012"Light, Life and Healing"listen
March 11, 2012"The Ultimate Boundary Line"
March 4, 2012"Weighing our Desires"listen
February 26, 2012A Rainbow in the Wildernesslisten
February 19, 2012On the Mountain, in the Valleylisten
February 12, 2012The Heart of the Matterlisten
February 5, 2012A Time to Praylisten
January 29, 2012'Invitation to Follow'listen
January 22, 2012listen
January 15, 2012'Come and See'listen
January 8, 2012"Following the Light"listen
January 1, 2012"A New Year With Jesus"listen
December 24, 2011 (11:30pm)listen
December 24, 2011listen
December 18, 2011"Ovel"listen
December 11, 2011listen
December 4, 2011Acepelisten
November 27, 2011"Opeh"
November 20, 2011"Jesus at the Gate, not Peter"listen
November 13, 2011"What Fears Are Holding You Back?"listen
November 7, 2011VOWR Meditation
November 6, 2011"Ready to Go Home"listen
October 30, 2011"Reforming/Protesting"listen
October 23, 2011The Life giving Booklisten
October 16, 2011"Death, Taxes, and Leadership"listen
October 9, 2011God's Seasonslisten
October 2, 2011"Gains and Losses"
September 25, 2011"Politics, Honesty and the Servant's Heart"listen
September 18, 2011"Day by Day"listen
September 11, 2011"A Shift in History"listen
September 4, 2011Accountabilitylisten
August 28, 2011"Called to Service"listen
August 14, 2011"Called to weep & called to shout"
August 7, 2011"Called to trust God through suffering"listen
July 31, 2011"Called to Quiet and to Action"listen
July 24, 2011"Called to Pray"listen
July 17, 2011"Called to Hope"listen
July 10, 2011"Called to Listen"listen
July 3, 2011"Called to Rest"listen
June 26, 2011"Called to Sacrifice"listen
June 19, 2011God's Identity/Our Identity
June 12, 2011God's Power for God's Peoplelisten
May 29, 2011The Family of Godlisten
May 22, 2011Living Faithlisten
May 15, 2011Children and Missionlisten
May 14, 2011Come...
May 13, 2011Buffeted by the waves...
May 8, 2011"Conversations with Jesus without knowing it"listen
May 1, 2011"Conversations with the Risen Jesus"listen
April 24, 2011Ringtones of the Resurrection
April 22, 2011The Crosshairs of the Cross
April 19, 2011Jesus the Painter
April 17, 2011The Servant Kinglisten
April 10, 2011Conversations with Jesus that bring lifelisten
April 3, 2011Conversations with Jesus that may offend you
March 27, 2011Water Cooler Conversations about and with Jesuslisten
March 20, 2011Nighttime Conversations with Jesus
March 13, 2011 (St. Thomas Anglican Church)#1 Sin
March 13, 2011 (St. David's)Self-denial: To What End?listen
March 6, 2011Eyewitness News
February 27, 2011What is Hidden Will be Revealed
February 20, 2011The Wisdom of Foolishnesslisten
February 13, 2011Spiritual Maturitylisten
February 6, 2011More Foolishness and Weakness to Bootlisten
January 30, 2011God's Foolishnesslisten
January 23, 2011The Foolishness That Unites Uslisten
January 16, 2011Patience toward Family Memberslisten
January 9, 2011The Magi Journeylisten
January 2, 2011Seeing the Lightlisten
December 20, 2010VOWR Meditation
December 19, 2010"Amour"
December 12, 2010listen
December 5, 2010"Paix"listen
November 28, 2010"Espoir"listen
November 21, 2010235th Anniversarylisten
November 14, 2010"Approaches Difficulties in the Opposite Spirit"listen
November 7, 2010"Exercising your Memory"listen
October 31, 2010"Spooky"listen
October 24, 2010"True Strength"listen
October 17, 2010"Persistence"listen
October 10, 2010"Grace at Meals"listen
October 3, 2010"Good Grief!"
September 26, 2010"Sharing"
September 19, 2010Mission, we're in this togetherlisten
September 12, 2010"Lost & Found Department"listen
September 5, 2010"Taking Inventory"listen
August 29, 2010"Sticky Issues: How Low Can You Go?"listen
August 22, 2010"Sticky Issues: Shaken and Stirred"listen
August 15, 2010"Sticky Issues: Unresolved Conflict"listen
August 8, 2010Unstuck. Ready and Willing?
August 1, 2010Stuck? What Can You Do?"
July 18, 2010"God's Human face"listen
June 20, 2010"Hope for Inward/Outward Change"
June 13, 2010Strength to be Weak
June 6, 2010Deliver us from evil - for Thine is the powerlisten
May 30, 2010"Enrolled in Many Schools"listen
May 23, 2010"The Refreshing Ministry of the Holy Spirit"listen
May 16, 2010Forgiven and Forgivinglisten
May 9, 2010Ora et Laboralisten
May 2, 2010"Not Just Another Four Letter Word"listen
April 25, 2010"Why the Lamb?"
April 11, 2010"Honest Thomas"listen
April 4, 2010"From nonsense to the meaning of Life"
April 2, 2010"The Worst Thing About Good Friday"
March 31, 2010Judas the Betrayer
March 29, 2010"Family Ministry"
March 28, 2010"The Open Gate"listen
March 21, 2010"Courage to Change"listen
March 14, 2010"The Great Exchange"listen
March 7, 2010"I/O"listen
February 29, 2010Come From Away
February 21, 2010"Identifying Your Temptations"
February 14, 2010"Olympic Love"listen
February 7, 2010"Accurate Reception"
January 31, 2010"The Look of Love"listen
January 24, 2010"Dreaming About Church"listen
January 18, 2010VOWR Meditation
January 17, 2010"Practical Transformation"listen
January 10, 2010"What does Jesus' Baptism have to do with us?"listen
January 3, 2010Follow That Star
December 27, 2009"The Father's Business in 2010"
December 20, 2009"Lovify"
December 13, 2009listen
December 6, 2009"Peacify"
November 29, 2009"Hopify"listen
November 22, 2009"Thy Kingdom Come"listen
November 15, 2009listen
November 8, 2009"Sacrifice"listen
November 1, 2009"Tears That Tear...or Bind"
October 25, 2009"Dramatic Transformation"listen
October 18, 2009"Jesus Teaches on Leadership, Power and Authority"listen
October 11, 2009"How goes the Thanksgiving battle?"listen
October 4, 2009"Where Do We Go With Our Suffering?"
September 27, 2009"Singing, Praying and Healing"listen
September 20, 2009"The Loyal Opposition"listen
September 13, 2009"Metatalk"listen
September 6, 2009listen
August 30, 2009listen
August 23, 2009listen
August 16, 2009"Wise in Whose Eyes"listen
August 9, 2009"Creative Conflict"
August 3, 2009VOWR Meditation
August 2, 2009"X-Ray Vision"listen
July 26, 2009"Surprising Resources"
July 19, 2009"Balance"listen
July 12, 2009"Shall We Dance?"listen
June 28, 2009"Grieving, Maturing, Healing"
June 21, 2009"The Power of Friendship"
June 14, 2009"Spiritual Eyesight"listen
June 7, 2009listen
May 31, 2009"The Difference the Holy Spirit Makes"listen
May 24, 2009"Jesus Higher Through Reconciliation and Healing"listen
May 17, 2009"Full and Running Over"listen
May 3, 2009"Exclusive Claims, Inclusive Invitations"listen
April 26, 2009listen
April 19, 2009"Community, Unity, Vulnerability"listen
April 12, 2009"Overcoming Brokenness and Death"
April 5, 2009"O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness"listen
March 29, 2009"Whiter Than Snow"listen
March 22, 2009"Snake Bite First Aid"listen
March 15, 2009"The Power of the Cross"listen
March 8, 2009"Called to Self-Denial"listen
March 1, 2009"Forty Days"listen
February 22, 2009"The Transforming Presence of Jesus"listen
February 15, 2009"Experiencing Jesus' Healing (Part 2)"listen
February 9, 2009VOWR Meditation
February 8, 2009"Experiencing Jesus' Healing"listen
January 18, 2009I Need Thee
January 11, 2009"Reflecting the Light"listen
December 28, 2008"2009: A Year of Surprising Growth"listen
December 24, 2008 (11:30pm)listen
December 21, 2008"eLov: Finding a Home Called 'Love'"listen
December 14, 2008listen
December 7, 2009"ePace"
November 30, 2008"eHop"listen
November 23, 2008"Royal Relationship"listen
November 16, 2008"Accountability and Justice"listen
November 9, 2008Remembering and Preparinglisten
November 2, 2008"Our Commitment to the Body of Christ"listen
October 26, 2008"Why do we exist?"listen
October 19, 2008"An Audience of One (part two)"listen
October 12, 2008"Return to Praise"
October 5, 2008"Surprising Insights Into Law & Order"
September 28, 2008"Surprising Insights Into Authority & Power"
September 21, 2008"Surprising Insights Into Complaining"listen
September 14, 2008"Surprising Insights Into Forgiveness"
September 7, 2008"Surprising Insights Into Love"listen
August 24, 2008"Our Identity/Our Mission"
July 20, 2008"Known and Knowing"
July 6, 2008"Divine Love That Calms"
June 29, 2008"Welcoming"
June 22, 2008"Why should I go to church? Eternal Destinations and Sunday School Teaching"
June 15, 2008"Grace, Gains Through Loss, Generosity"
June 1, 2008"Assurance of Salvation"
May 25, 2008"Antidotes to Anxiety"
May 18, 2008"What does the Holy Spirit do?"
April 27, 2008"Honesty (part 2)"
April 20, 2008"Honesty"
April 13, 2008"Toward A Healthier Church"
April 6, 2008"I Didn't Know It Was You"
March 23, 2008"Life Before Death"
March 21, 2008"What Makes This Day 'Good'"
March 16, 2008"Unexpected Royal Action"
March 9, 2008"Extending Jesus' Healing Ministry"
March 2, 2008"Security"
February 24, 2008"Satisfaction"
February 17, 2008"Surprising Encounters"
February 12, 2008VOWR Meditation: "Sick and Tired"
February 10, 2008"Help Us Pass the Test"
February 3, 2008"Power to Change"
January 27, 2008"Got a Light?"
January 20, 2008"The Best Invitation of All"
January 13, 2008"Why Baptism?"listen
January 6, 2008"Bucket List: Traveling"
December 30, 2007"Looking Forward to Change"
December 23, 2007"Love 24/7"
December 9, 2007"Casting for Peace"
December 2, 2007"Fishing For Hope"
November 25, 2007"An Audience of One"
November 11, 2007"Layers of Memory"
November 4, 2007"Perseverance"
October 28, 2007"Strength in Weakness"
October 21, 2007"Deepening Trust in God"
October 14, 2007"Thanksgiving Continues"
October 7, 2007"How Can I Say 'Thanks'?"
September 30, 2007"Facing Topics We Don't Want to Face"
September 23, 2007"Loyalty Programmes"
September 16, 2007Inreach and Outreach"
September 9, 2007"Spiritual Budgeting"listen
September 2, 2007"The Power of Love..."
August 26, 2007"The Power of Thanksgiving"
August 20, 2007VOWR Meditation
August 19, 2007"The Power of Perseverance"
August 12, 2007"The Power of Faith"
August 5, 2007"The Power of Generosity"
July 29, 2007"The Power of Prayer"
July 22, 2007"The Power of Hope"
July 15, 2007"The Power of Patience"
July 7, 2007"Stories"
April 29, 2007"Enough For All? You feed them!"
April 22, 2007"The Blinding Enlightenment of Christ's Call"
April 15, 2007"Made Able with a Touch of Faith"
April 8, 2007"Our Light has come"
April 6, 2007"Lamb of Salvation"
April 1, 2007"Rocks, Stones and Boulders"
May 14, 2006"You are being rooted and grounded in love"
May 7, 2006"God Is Love"
January 1, 2006"The Fullness of Time"
November 27, 2005"A Plant Springs Forth; A Dawn Breaks Upon Us; A Light Comes into the World"
September 4, 2005"You know what time it is"
June 5, 2005"Abraham believed God"
May 29, 2005"Child of Covenant, Child of Grace"